20% of Amazon Germany’s retailers are British

From a total of 135,000 registered retailers who trade on Amazon’s German marketplace, 55,310 are currently active. Of these active traders only 53% come from Germany, that’s according to Mark Steier of Wortfilter who did the research.

Almost half of Amazon Germany’s third party retailers are foreign traders. Whilst these numbers don’t take into account revenues, it does amply demonstrate the attractiveness of Germany to cross border retailers.

A hefty 20% of Amazon Germany retailers come from the UK. Over 10,000 UK marketplace traders are selling their products on the German site which confirms everything we hear about Germany being a profitable territory to trade into.

The third largest contingent of sellers on Amazon Germany are from Asia, more than 9% of the marketplace merchants come from there. 5.86% are Chinese. (4.95% from the mainland China and 0.91% from Hong Kong.)

Are you currently selling on any or all of the main three German marketplaces – Amazon.de, eBay.de, Rakuten.de? If not it’s time to join the British retailers that do.

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