Would you use Amazon Logistics instead of your current courier?

Amazon Courier hmAnyone that buys on Amazon has probably experienced an Amazon Logistics delivery. They’re starting to deliver more and more Amazon Retail and Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) products for third party sellers than ever before.

We know that Amazon Logistics are starting to collect from merchants who self fulfil Amazon Prime eligible orders and today’s news that Amazon intend to build a ‘Global Supply Chain by Amazon‘ network and eventually replace traditional carriers for all FBA orders shows that they’ve hardly got started with their logistics aspirations.

The question that’s not really been addressed is will Amazon one day become a default carrier option for all businesses and consumers? At what point will Amazon Logistics stop being a private courier network for Amazon deliveries and when will they start being a courier option that anyone can access.

Of course it’s already possible for online retailers to use Amazon Logistics – simply put your stock into an FBA warehouse and Amazon will fulfil order for your website, for eBay and anywhere else that generates an order for you. This is all handled through Amazon’s ‘Buy Shipping’ API so the technology for booking Amazon Logistics deliveries is already in place.

What we don’t know is for those merchants for whom Amazon are shipping self fulfilled Prime orders, can they also ship non-Amazon orders via Amazon Logistics and if not will they be able to do so in the future?

Would you use Amazon Logistics instead of your current courier, especially if they offered tracked next day delivery at a very competitive rate?