Update on eBay UK attempted deliveries counting as defects

Over the past few weeks we’ve heard from a number of eBay UK sellers saying that attempted deliveries of eBay goods have been counted as defects on their seller standards records.

Here’s the scenario. An eBay seller sends out the bought and paid for goods on time and as promised. The seller then provides the tracking details to eBay as is good practice. The problem then occurs when a delivery is attempted but not successful. The buyer isn’t at home, gets an attempted delivery card, but then the attempted delivery is counted as a failure. The attempted delivery was being counted as a defect despite the seller having fulfilled all of their duties and obligations.

Have you been affected by this?

eBay have kindly provided us with some clarification on the matter. In short, they are clear that an attempted delivery should be considered as delivered and no defect should be applied. It seems that there has been a technical error which has meant these attempted deliveries have been incorrectly logged as a defect.

eBay have told us that a small number of sellers have been affected and they are working hard to resolve that and if you have been impacted, then it’s worth contacting customer support to get the strike removed.

It sounds like an error is now being resolved and those sellers wrongly marked down can see those black marks removed. Hopefully soon and without having to pester eBay customer support. And that’s good because it’s not long now until the new seller standards will be coming into force on the 20th February. So hopefully all will be sorted by then.

I’m sure you won’t be shy about remarking on this situation in the comments if you’ve suffered from this problem. 😉