The latest Yodel delivery gem: under a bucket.

Courier firm Yodel does seem keen to excel itself and attract more lampoonery with comedy “safe places” for delivery.

Yodel Bucket

There was the delivery on the roof and also the rough and tumble of warehouse pass the parcel as seen on the Despatches programme earlier this month.

But this new one, garnered from Facebook, is particularly amusing. The delivery driver has inconspicuously concealed the parcel under a bucket. That’s no bad thing it will hopefully offer some protection from the rain. However, the parcel is hardly discreetly positioned.

In Yodel’s defence, I must say that I have had several flawless deliveries from Yodel in recent months. And they do deliver a lot of parcels. But maybe we should be considering Yodel deliveries as more than a simple courier service. Maybe they have moved to become avant-garde art installations verging on Dadaism?