Report: men make more on eBay than women

A new study by the University of Tel Aviv suggests that women selling on eBay get fewer bids and realise lower selling prices than men selling exactly the same products. But don’t worry yet, ladies.

The results need some context. Firstly, the study concentrates on all of the sales of eBay US’s top 420 products in the US between 2009 to 2012. They looked at auction only and it seems that they they determined whether the sellers were men or women by considering usernames and the items for sale. eBay have been keen to distance themselves from the study: “This study was not conducted or commissioned by eBay and we do not reveal the gender of our sellers.”

An aspect of the study concentrated on money-value gift cards. Apparently women selling them made 6.8% less than men selling identical products. As they say: “This example is especially telling because with gift cards buyers can easily evaluate the worth of the product with no additional information – because the condition of the product is irrelevant and because the ownership and usage of gift cards is not associated with one gender.”

The academic behind the report Dr Kricheli Katz said: “We were not surprised by the existence of the gender price gap, but we were a little surprised by its magnitude and by the results from the gift card experiment.”

The report did contain some good news for female sellers. Apparently women may prefer buying from other women and buyers in general in fact trust the accuracy of descriptions they perceive to be written by women.

You can read more in this report in the Telegraph, where you’ll also find useful tips from Tamebay correspondent David Brackin from StuffUSell.