Reports of website problems on eBay UK today

We’ve been inundated today with messages and comments regarding eBay’s website. As many of you have noted there have been site problems today on eBay UK that have had a significant impact on using the marketplace to buy and sell. We reported the issue this morning.

In the absence of an official announcement from eBay, here’s what we know:

– Beginning at approximately 7:30am this morning

– Problems experienced by sellers included not being able to access the site at all, pages not loading, difficulty logging in, problems using key functions in My eBay such as using My Messages. Others reported a general sluggishness with the site.

– Whilst seemingly widespread, it’s not universal. And the heat map on downdetector suggested problems were centred in England and Wales.

– Some have speculated that the cause could be a BT network problem. BT is reporting broadband issues across a wide swathe of the country but if it is a BT issue that doesn’t really explain why only eBay is affected and others aren’t.

– was unaffected.

– We’ve had reports from users of third party software that they were not affected.
Apps were also affected.

– It does seem to be ongoing at time of writing. (Roughly 7pm on Friday). Although down detector reports have diminished.

The site problems have obviously been a major headache for sellers, some of whom report that they have been unable to process orders and make their despatches for the day. And that could have an impact on their Seller Performance. It’s less than a week since the new on time despatch metric was launched and problems such as these really do hamper a seller’s ability to do the right thing.

How have you been affected?