Parcel for Me universal checkout solution

Parcel for Me logo lgI’ve just sat down with Marie and Luke from Parcel for Me at The Delivery Conference.

Parcel for Me, who launched to retailers last night and will make their service available to consumers from July, aim to democratise delivery options for all websites and facilitate one click checkout.

Their proposition is a checkout option which will give even the smallest of retailers an Amazon style checkout with a plethora of delivery options to suit the consumer, not necessarily just those the retailer wants to offer.

Once a purchase has been made the consumer can then track all their purchases through the Parcel for Me app, including tracking information and in flight redirection without the retailer needing to build any technology apart from the Parcel for Me checkout.

Parcel for Me logo screen shotThe idea is that, once you’ve integrated the Parcel for Me checkout, you can continue to use your preferred courier, but using the app the consumer could for instance have the parcel directed to a locker, or perhaps their saved work address instead of their home address. By setting up their options in the Parcel for Me app, consumers can save multiple delivery addresses and locations, and even specify their preferred couriers, although of course if you as a retailer don’t use that courier you can default to your normal carrier.

The solution is free to retailers and consumer and there’s already a Magento Extension available, so if your website runs on Magento you can install Parcel for Me today. For other shopping cart solutions there is a full API, although we know a Shopify solution is to launch soon.

The solution makes impulse buying for consumers a reality which all retailers, both large and small can offer. Consumers effectively get a delivery passport which can save multiple delivery addresses, payment information and details that you need to shop online.