How to spot which eBay listings you need to add Product Identifiers to

We’re still getting a ton of questions about eBay’s Product Identifier requirements, so Laura Mathieson from Selling on eBay UK has put together a few notes on checking which (if any) of your eBay listings need updating with Product Identifiers:

On February 29th eBay will start to end some GTC listings that reach their 30 day renewal date. Why? It’s because they won’t have either a product identifier or “Does not apply” chosen in the relevant fields of their listings. (Some categories are exempt from the Product Identifier requirements, you can check if yours are on eBay)

eBay have been highlighting this change for months now, and since January 2016 it’s not been possible to either create or revise listings which are missing these Product Identifiers.

More importantly is the change which will start after February 29th – if your GTC listings end, so does all your sales history so it’s an important issue. You may not even have seen the tiny advisory warning – if Selling Manager is set to search there is only a generic “Improve your listings, sell more” notice,

and if you switch tabs it isn’t any more urgent:

You can add “Does not apply” if that’s the case, but you cannot leave the Product Identifier field blank. NB on multi-variation listings, if even one variation is left blank in error the whole listing will be ended.

How are you getting on with editing your listings? Are they all updated, are you still working through them or are you simply going to deal with the situation when your listings are automatically ended by eBay?