eBay’s new 2016 Seller Standards are now live

On Saturday 20th February 2016, eBay introduced the biggest changes to selling standards it has made for many a year.

The changes were announced last year and you’ll have had access to the new standards in the Seller Dashboard for a while now. So how are you faring? It’s only since Saturday that the new regime has come into force.

What are the changes?

We’ve written about them before and at length. Find out more here.

But some key points are that buyer feedback, detailed seller ratings (DSRs), returns requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer and items not received requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer should not be reflected.

What do these changes mean for sellers?

eBay has positioned these changes as “objective” rather than “subjective”. But in reality how they will affect you is individual. The best advice is to check out your Seller dashboard, via My eBay. This will give you personally a clear view of your situation.

What about inaccurate Royal Mail delivery defects?

One key change that has come into play is the new on-time metric, as explained here in detail.

Most notably, eBay changed tack on this one metric on Friday (at the eleventh hour) as we reported here. So there’s a stay of execution on Royal Mail tracking defects.

In the email to all sellers (that you will hopefully have received) they noted that this situation would continue until the 20th of May and, rightly, numerous sellers have asked what will happen after that date. And we just don’t know.

What about other unfair defects?

It’s time to get on the blower if your TRS status is under threat from what you consider incorrect defects that are dragging you down. This is both time consuming and likely frustrating but the only path.

How have you been affected?

Have you lost your Top Rated Seller status? Have you got unfair Defects? Do you feel you have been unfairly penalised? Let us know.

Whilst there is good news in these changes, and it’s no bad thing that eBay have pulled back on the Royal Mail defects situation, this is still a big change and we’re keen to learn about how you have been affected.