eBay UK sellers about to enter 4th day of outage due to ISP issues

Down Detector eBay OutageIt’s 6.30pm Sunday evening and sellers are still telling us that they are having trouble accessing parts of the eBay site.

A common issue appears to be with eBay messages, although others tell us that they’ve been unable to perform refunds and some still can’t access their My eBay pages at all.

DownDetector has had a steady stream of reports yesterday evening and then again during the day. Unsurprisingly there weren’t so many reports during the night time as the glitch appears limited to the UK in general and England and Wales in particular, although we have heard from Scottish and Northern Irish sellers who are also impacted.

eBay were insistent last week that it’s an ISP issue and not an issue with the eBay site per se. This reminds me of a similar issue in 2014, however that glitch was fixed the day it first appeared. It’s unprecedented for an ongoing ISP issue to be impacting eBay’s services over an extended period of time which if not fixed by Monday will be entering it’s fourth day.

Four days of being unable to access eBay, pick pack and despatch items, perform refunds and answer eBay messages will undoubtedly be having a serious effect on those sellers unable to use eBay functions.

The only advice we’re able to offer is to try a network other than your normal broadband. A 4G mobile phone network (either using the eBay app on a mobile or tablet or tethering a computer to a mobile handset or using a broadband dongle may give you temporary access to get items shipped and messages answered.

We will of course add an update on Monday morning as soon as we have more information on the status of eBay access.

Monday Morning 11am Update

eBay Outage Monday 11amWe’re certain that eBay are working feverishly to find the root cause of this issue, even if it does appear to be an ISP issue and not an inherent problem with the eBay site. However with the number of comments and emails we’re still receiving plus the hits on DownDetector it’s obvious that the issue is still there.

As previously advised, if at all possible try hooking a computer up to a mobile network if you can as then you should at least be able to get some basic shipping completed and answer messages. Alternatively you may find an employee who could work from home with an alternative ISP to process orders.

Finally PayPal appears to be unaffected so as a last resort use PayPal records for shipping.