eBay Feedback error: sellers can’t respond

Quite a few sellers have written to Tamebay reporting that eBay has been experiencing a technical glitch, for quite a few weeks, that means that sellers cannot respond to buyer feedback.

According to one seller who has been in contact, this has been a problem since at least the 6th January and is ongoing. Some sellers have been in touch with eBay’s customer support who have advised that there is no known date for a resolution but it could take as long as 60 days.

Another seller says this is the error you’ll see: “Input Error:” We did not successfully receive all the required information from the page. Please go back and ensure that all the fields are filled in.”

What is very annoying about that message, as one correspondent noted, is that it doesn’t report that there is a glitch and if you’re unaware of this problem then you can waste quite a bit of time going back and forth trying to respond to feedback until you realise that it’s kaput.

Why is such a function important? It’s vital that sellers have the right of reply to negative and neutral feedback so hopefully eBay will fix this problem soon.