Does Amazon FBA owe you money for lost stock?

We’ve heard from several Tamebay readers who use Amazon FBA who have concerns. It seems that Amazon might not be as fastidious as we would all hope when it comes to stock care.

And if you do use Amazon FBA you should be asking this question: has Amazon mislaid your stock?

According to the sellers we’ve spoken to Amazon is fair and reactive when it comes to damaged stock that they hold. But they seem to be rather more secretive when it comes to lost or mislaid stock.

Maybe such problems are inevitable. Things go missing. But one Amazon FBA seller we know has recently been refunded £3k when it comes to lost stock dating back over a year. It’s good to note that Amazon have done the right thing here. But is there a bigger problem?

The Tamebay correspondent got in touch with us and says that when he put in a claim for mislaid stock to Amazon, he got a payback on the same day. Clearly, in this case, Amazon realised they have a problem and made good on it regarding lost stock quickly. Hat’s off.

Here’s what he said: “I did this and submitted a claim going back to January 2015. By end of day they emailed me and refunded me the best part of £3k.” But this is a seller who has been using FBA since 2011. Perhaps he is owed more?

What next? It’s time to make a claim and take a watching brief of these problems. Mishaps are inevitable but when you entrust your stock to Amazon you need to be sure that they are living up to their duty of care. Do you have stock with Amazon FBA? It’s time to do a stock check.

But what about the longer term? You may have been using FBA for more than 18 months. It seems that there is an 18 month cut-off with the Amazon terms. So get a wiggle on and make sure that Amazon is working for you.

When you plug into Amazon FBA you put a great deal of trust in to Amazon. We’d love to hear more from Amazon FBA sellers and their experiences. Is Amazon playing fair for you?