Combining two eBay Click and Collect orders in one shipment

What do you do when a buyer makes two purchases on eBay as separate orders? Do you combine the orders into one shipment to save on carriage costs or do you ship them as individual orders and risk the buyer complaining they only received one item?

Argos Newbury SMTamebay reader Simon had just such a problem, a buyer purchased a clip and a charm which they asked to be shipped attached but purchased each item as a different order (easy to do on eBay by clicking Buy It Now instead of adding to basket). To make the order more difficult they selected Click and Collect at Argos so Simon needed to supply two unique reference numbers for the Argos collection.

Simon phoned eBay and the solution was as he suspected (but worth confirming). You can put both references on one packet and so long as both references are clearly displayed Argos will enter them both into their collection system and you can ship two items in a single Click and Collect delivery.