Where will you be selling to overseas in 2016?

It’s your last chance to get involved with the Tamebay Winter Survey. It is focussed on trading internationally and how you’ll be using the marketplaces to fuel your own cross border expansion. And you can win an Apple Watch too, if you give your answers. It’ll only take you two ticks to reply.

One of the reasons that we’re doing this research is to give us a sense of the topics we should be writing more about in the future. When it comes to selling overseas, and using marketplaces to trade internationally, what are your key interests?

It seems to us at Tamebay that cross border trade is one of the key levers to finding more growth in your ecommerce business. It’s also a good way to get ahead of the competion because quite a lot of sellers are reluctant to embrace the opportunity because selling overseas comes with its own complications.

But lets us know what YOU think.