UPS Collection Fees impact Amazon Partnered Carrier Program

UPSWe wrote at the the tail end of last year that UPS were going to introduce a daily collection charge. At the time we’d heard that for some account customers it would kick in from February, but it appears to already have been implemented for some of their users.

We know that not every seller will use UPS, but Tamebay reader Justin informed us today that it’s likely to impact many users of Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

With the Partnered Carrier Programme, Amazon sellers in the UK can benefit from competitive transportation rates negotiated by Amazon with UPS covering shipment of small packages from a UK address to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the UK. Justin has been paying £4.20 per box and been hit by an unannounced additional £4 collection charge.

If you generally ship small consignments via UPS to FBA, you may be better waiting until you’ve got several boxes to send in one consignment. The alternative is to use a different courier at rates you negotiate yourself.