Sainsbury’s bid to buy Argos

It has been revealed that last year supermarket giant Sainsbury’s made a £1bn bid to buy Argos. The approach to purchase the Home Retail Group was rebuffed in November last year but it’s not unlikely that there could be another attempt to buy later in the year.

As Sainsbury’s said in a statement today, a purchase offers “an opportunity to bring together two of the UK’s leading retail businesses, with complementary product offers, focused on delivering quality products and services at fair prices, through an integrated multichannel proposition.”

So, one of the things Sainsbury’s likes about Argos is it’s multichannel approach and online expertise.

We’ll keep ’em peeled to see what happens but what’s for sure, if there is a union between the two, there’s a massive opportunity for eBay sellers if the Click & Collect proposition is rolled out across the Sainsbury’s network. That’s many thousands of collection points that could become available.