PayPal glitch fails to record small number of eBay sales

PayPal Bug BountyWe’ve been contacted by Susan, an eBay seller who tells us of a glitch where sales are showing up in PayPal but not on eBay.

Susan only became aware of the issue when she received a PayPal notification email but noticed that there was no corresponding sale for that item on eBay.

eBay tell us that this looks like an issue which is affecting a very small number of payments. They are working with Paypal to get this fixed and are also going to be asking customers to contact PayPal as it looks like the root cause (and the solution for the customer) is with them.

This scenario is caused when the transmission to update/confirm the payment from PayPal fails. This can be because of site maintenance, outage etc.

Whilst we know that this is a real pain in the neck, it’s worth keeping an eye on PayPal payments in case an unrecorded eBay transaction slips through. Now that we know it’s an issue with PayPal we’d expect eBay to remove any defects caused by late shipments or unhappy customers that don’t receive their items… that is of course if the buyer is even able to open an eBay case which may be doubtful seeing as there’s no recorded transaction.