NKOTB Moltin raises $2m for ecommerce challenge to Magento and Shopify

New kid on the block Moltin has been getting attention in the last few weeks having just raised $2m in seed capital to develop its ecommerce product that some are likening to Shopify and Magento. they already have over 5k developers on board and I expect that we’ll hear more from them.

Moltin founder Adam Sturrock says: “The ecommerce technology space is still plagued with huge problems despite the number of players – which is indicative of a market that hasn’t had it’s issues truly solved yet. We’ve solved that problem in a really simple way, and it means building for websites, apps, even virtual or augmented reality is simple, and practically identical, no matter which technology you choose.”

Moltin offers a variety of packages and you can find out more here. But in brief, there’s a free offer for one admin account, 0.2GB of storage and 30,000 API requests. For a monthly $49 per month you get 300,000 API requests, 1GB of storage, and 3 admin accounts. $99 per month = 600,000 API requests, 2GB and 4 admin accounts. And way up for level $499 pm get 5 million API requests, 10GB of storage, and unlimited admin accounts.

We’d be interested in hearing from anyone who’s already plugged into Moltin and would love to hear how it’s going.