How many clicks does it take to leave an eBay feedback?

Despite the ongoing attraction of Amazon Prime, I have recently bought some items on eBay. Mostly postcards to add to my small but growing collection of Brighton and Hove and Sussex scenes. Nothing pricey.

And so, as a diligent eBayer, I popped onto the site to leave some feedback because I was a happy customer to a clutch of sellers.

Maybe I’ve been away too long, but I was struck by what a faff it is to leave feedback these days. Aside from writing a comment, leaving a happy, positive feedback can mean 7 clicks on the site to say everything is tickety-boo.


Not only do you need to pick whether your feedback is positive or not. You have to chose those DSRs, pen a comment and agree that the item arrived within the expected timeframe.

A few thoughts. I bought about a dozen postcards over the New Year period and I honestly couldn’t tell you which ones arrived on time or not. Needless to say I agreed with the eBay estimates and said they arrived on time although I can’t say for sure they all did. (Who could?)

And the option to leave feedback is really quite hard to find these days, especially on the app. So I reckon lots of happy buyers don’t even bother. It’s the aggrieved and uptight who do seek it out.

What’s the percentage of feedback even left these days? More than 50%? Less? Hardly any? I’m not surprised buyers cannot be bothered. It’s a right rigmarole.

Surely there only needs to be one question: “Happy?”