eBay: The ultimate guide to avoiding scams and other pitfalls

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with Amelia Murray, a Telegraph journalist who all too often gets letters from buyers and sellers who for one reason or another have lost money on eBay. Often it’s because they’ve done something silly like sent an expensive item untracked or shipped to an alternative delivery address.

EBay- the ultimate guide to avoiding scams, unwanted returns and other pitfalls - Telegraph copyToday Amelia has published an article “eBay: the ultimate guide to avoiding scams, unwanted returns and other pitfalls” with some tips and information on how to do things right and avoid being ripped off.

As any experienced eBay user will tell you, the main tips are to follow eBay’s processes. If you’re a buyer use PayPal and don’t send large amounts of money through bank transfer or god forbid Western Union for eBay purchases. If you’re a seller, ship to the address that eBay provides and if the item is at all valuable make sure that you send it tracked.

My absolute top tip, is once you’ve followed the eBay rules, if there’s a problem let eBay sort it out. If a buyer doesn’t pay let eBay give them an unpaid item strike. If an item doesn’t arrive open a case and if the seller doesn’t resolve it within the allotted 8 days, escalate the case to eBay and again let them sort it out. Whatever you do don’t give the seller a month to keep promising resolution until it’s too late to escalate the case.

It’s all common sense really, but you can read the full article on the Telegraph website. Remember if you follow eBay’s rules it’s highly unlikely you’ll have an unresolved issue and as a buyer if you pay with PayPal for almost all purchases you’ll be covered by eBay’s Money Back Guarantee.