eBay put logo on Gold and Silver bullion

eBay 1 Oounce Gold BarDoes the price of gold go up because it’s got eBay’s logo stamped on it? Hard to say, but over 1,000 such bars have been sold on the marketplace in a joint venture between eBay and Bay Precious Metals.

The bar is crafted by The Perth Mint in Australia. Weighing in at an ounce, it carries the eBay name, the bar’s weight and gold purity, and the Perth Mint logo on the front. On the obverse the eBay logo is repeated in a diagonal pattern.

Each bar is packaged in a tamper-evident case which displays a unique serial number, the technical specifications, and the signature of The Perth Mint’s Chief Assayer. The listings states “This product is an exceptional opportunity to own a piece of eBay history!”

If you don’t fancy a gold bar, then an eBay 10oz Silver bar is also available, produced in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Mint. Considerably more affordable, but Silver just isn’t Gold you know.