eBay: Mandatory Product Identifiers deadline just one month away

Product Identifiers hmThere’s just over a month to go until Product Identifiers will become mandatory for new and manufacture refurbished items on eBay UK (and eBay in France, Germany, Italy and Spain).

All new, relisted, revised and Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will be impacted if you’re listing a product in a required category from the week of the 29th February.

Here at Tamebay we appreciate what a pain this is and the sheer amount of time it’ll take to add them. It’s not a trivial listing update as, unless you have the product identifiers to hand, you’re going to have to research each item before you can add the GTIN.

In some cases you may even need to purchase GTINs from GS1 if you have your own branded products. If that is you then GS1 have a new portal designed to assist marketplace sellers.

We have heard of problems, some users reporting eBay’s report of non-compliant listings is including listings in categories which don’t require identifiers. We’ve also heard a number of people complaining that eBay File Exchange isn’t working for them, although eBay have told us that they don’t see any fault on their side.

Despite the difficulties, eBay say the benefits of Product Identifiers will pay dividends. They say that “Listings with product identifiers generally have better visibility in search results, both on eBay and in search engines. And later this year, when you add product identifiers you’ll also benefit from merchandising advice, special promotions and customised marketing emails to help you sell more. If your item is listed in our eBay catalogue and has associated product reviews, we’ll automatically add them to your listing to help increase your conversion“.

Are you well along the way to adding Product Identifiers to all your listings, or are you one of those who will simply wait for your listings to fail before you get around to updating them?