eBay is now editing Item Titles rather than ending listings that break the rules

eBay has a massive number of rules. Indeed the array of regulations and and guidelines can seem quite dizzying. In particular, eBay takes a dim rule on listings that have titles that have misleading brand names in the title (keyword spamming).

In the past eBay has simply removed listings that might break its rules and left it to sellers to relist and correct the offending listings. That is an inconvenience for such sellers but does give them control to make amends. And, of course, some of the infractions may well have been unintentional.

However, according to reports, it now seems that eBay isn’t ending listings it considers to be breaking the rules but is rather editing the seller generated Item Titles so they comply with the eBay listing policies.

eBay is informing sellers that the Item Titles have been amended and this is the text of one email to a seller that we’ve seen reported online: “We’re reaching out to you because one or more of your listings didn’t follow our guidelines. Because you’re a valued member of our community, your listing was edited so that it now meets our guidelines. It’s still live on our site. You can find a list of what was edited further down in this email.”

How do you feel about this? On one level, it can easily be appreciated that such an action is better than having a listing ended by eBay. But equally, letting eBay amend your listings is a big deal. And it is by no means certain that a) they’ll do it properly or b) they’re interpretation of the eBay rules means they’re right to do so.

What do you think?