Are you having problems with eBay’s File Exchange?

We’ve heard from several sellers over the past week who have been having trouble with eBay’s File Exchange function and we’d like to hear from you too to understand whether this is a wide-ranging problem.

The File Exchange is a facility eBay offers via its API that enable sellers to make bulk amendments to listings and also list items for sale and manage their inventory in general. If you want to know more about the File Exchange then check out this page.

Over the past week or so we’ve received several reports that suggest that updates are taking time to get through and even claims that it’s just simply not working at all.

Do you use it? Are you having problems?

One correspondent this weekend highlighted the impact that any File Exchange problems could have. And that was regarding making sure that all the new Product Identifiers info that are required of sellers by the end of the month. The seller in question is trying to update that required information via the File Exchange and not having any joy. Faiure to comply will likely dent their listing performance in a week or so.