Amazon drones to fly 15 miles with 2kg parcels

Whilst Amazon are investing in “proper” delivery methods, vans, planes, ships and even bicycles in India, they keep coming back to Amazon Air and drones.

In their latest video, of course hosted by their controversial UK signing, Jeremy Clarkson, Amazon reveal that they intend to use a whole family of drone designs, one of which can fly for 15 miles carrying a parcel weighing up to 2kg. The drone itself weighs in at around 25kg so you wouldn’t want one crashing into your house, but then the ‘sense and avoid’ technology is intended to prevent this from happening.

With deliveries intended to be completed within 15 minutes of ordering, the drones will be flying at up to 60mph and even then most of us don’t live within 15 miles of an Amazon warehouse. On the plus side however, most of the products Amazon sell do weigh less than 2kg, so if you do live close enough and if Amazon get CAA approval to fly drones, one day you might get a Prime Air delivery.