Amazon delivery not “Handed to resident”

Tamebay reader Simon popped out for a few hours to watch the latest Star Wars movie at the local IMAX, but while he was out Amazon made a delivery that he wasn’t expecting to receive until Monday.

Simon left home at lunch time and didn’t return until the evening, so he was somewhat surprised to be notified that not only had the parcel been delivered, but it had also been personally handed to him by the courier – Amazon Logistics.

Amazon Logistics delivery

He found the package leant up against his front door a little wet as it’s been raining. There’s a small overhanging porch over th front door which was this little parcels saving grace, the item was not affected by the water – luckily the outer amazon packaging had soaked up the water.

Simon has a security camera so decided to check the footage and see just which “Simon” the parcel had been handed to and of course it was no one. The courier hardly waits long enough for someone to come to the door even if they had been at home.

What would have happened had the parcel been stolen from the doorstep? How many times can a parcel be stolen before Amazon decide that they don’t want to deliver to you any more? On telephoning Amazon, Simon says that they were apologetic and added a courtesy £5 credit to his account, but why don’t the couriers just mark parcels as “Left on the door step” instead of handed to the resident?

We all know that they’re busy people and have a ton of parcels to deliver and everyone accepts that in general a parcel left on the doorstep may be better than a missed delivery, but it would save everyone a lot of time and worry if that’s how the delivery was recorded.