Amazon accidentally overcharging FBA fees says seller

There is some disturbing news from one Tamebay reader who says that they’ve been overcharged by Amazon for their Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees.

So far they have found around 100 wrong transactions from both the UK and DE Amazon marketplaces and are continuing the check. They’re yet to start checks on the other Amazon sites that they trade on.

We’ve seen a support email from an Amazon Technical Account Manager saying “the reason of this it’s because of the problem on the database, that all of the information was not updated on the system. So our Engineers are working on this so that all of the information will be accurate and be fixed“.

The email adds that Amazon are raising the case as a priority and confirms that there have also been other sellers complaining about the wrong charged for the FBA fees.

As sellers we generally rely on marketplaces we trade on to bill us correctly. From my days as an eBay seller I barely gave invoices a glance and if I did is was just to cut and dice the invoice to see where I was spending my money. Am I paying too much for listing enhancements or is the invoice mainly final value fees, in which case I was happy as I only paid final value fees if I’d made a sale.

Rarely did I check fees to see if I’d been charged the correct amount and I suspect most sellers are the same. Do you know if you’ve been overcharged for Amazon FBA fees? Do you ever check if you are charged the correct amount?