23 million shoppers Pay with Amazon on third party websites

It might be time to start thinking about incorporating Pay with Amazon on your ecommerce website. Some interesting numbers have emerged from Amazon VP Payments of Patrick Gauthier.

He says that more than 23 million Amazon buyers in 170 countries who have shopped on third party websites that have used the Pay with Amazon button. That’s not a bad percentage of Amazon’s nearly 300 million customers who could use the Pay with Amazon service. I’ve used it myself: it’s dead easy and there is no additional sign-in. You just check out on a third party website using Amazon. It certainly adds to the confidence if it’s a small shop that you don’t know or haven’t used before.

But it’s the profile of these shoppers that should be of most interest to sellers. 50% of the Pay with Amazon customers are Prime subscribers and Gauthier calls Prime members the “crème de la crème”. Amazon Prime customers have a household income of more than $100,000 and their average basket value is $84.

Gauthier sums up what Pay with Amazon offers ecommerce businesses: “What we do is help connect with an Amazon audience — wherever it is.”

It’s always been the case that offering as wide a variety of payment services as possible has been good for conversion because it give shoppers options. And it seems that Pay with Amazon is well worth consideration as a payment service you offer on your online shop.