The big problem with Amazon Pantry

A couple of weeks ago we announced Amazon Pantry and then I placed my first order. Yesterday I went to place a second order and discovered all is not great at Amazon Pantry.

Amazon-Pantry-Out-of-StockMy whole experience when placing my first order was great, sure they had no Stella, but prices were very competitive compared to supermarkets, delivery was a day earlier than expected and the service was flawless as we’ve come to expect from Amazon.

I was pretty much prepared to place a repeat order (the cat is fast getting through the Whiskers!), only to discover that of the 11 products I purchased two weeks ago half of them were out of stock.

Restricted Range

There’s a big difference in buying from Amazon Pantry and a Supermarket. The range is very restrictive and you might have to switch from your favourite brand to alternatives. You might not be able to purchase products in the same range of sizes as you can choose from at your preferred supermarket. None of that particularly bothered me with the exception of Stella.

Out of Stock products

What does irk me is that having placed an order two weeks ago, I can’t today purchase the same products a second time. They still have Whiskers, but only the 1+ variety. I don’t have a kitten and I want to reorder the 7+ variety I had last time. They are out of stock of Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps and dont have any Prawn Cocktail Flavour Pringles either. They’ve run out of Beef flavour Dreamies cat treats. It’s just not good enough.

If I go to Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda, or even Tesco, I know that by and large I’ll be able to purchase the same brands each and every time I visit. Amazon need to be the same if consumers are going to buy their heavy and bulky items on a regular basis.

Amazon Need Consistency of Stock

Supermarkets allow you to save your favourite products to make repurchase simple. Amazon need to do the same. It’s simply uneconomic in commercial terms to spend marketing to get consumers to start shopping with you just to let them down and leave them disappointed when they return to make a repeat purchase.

However Amazon have redeemed themselves, they do now have Stella in stock. The question is will it still be in stock next time I use Amazon Pantry?