ProfitSourcery expands to US Amazon sellers

ProfitSourceryProfitSourcery, which launched in the UK in April 2015 is now available in the USA.

Since they set up in the UK, ProfitSourcery has attracted an established user base making money through and received a lot of interest from Amazon sellers in the US wanting to find retail arbitrage opportunities to make money on

ProfitSourcery USA Plans

The Launch plan

Designed for starters and those who want to get to grips with selling on Amazon, it provides a daily list of 5 products all with a margin of between $5-$15 at a cost of $57 per month.

The Accelerator Plan

Designed for those who want to scale up their business faster and make serious money selling on Amazon; Accelerator customers will receive a daily list of 5 products with a margin of $15+ at a cost of $77 per month. With a minimum margin of $15, Accelerator customers can make back their monthly subscription fee with just five sales.

The top Accelerator Plus plan

Designed for Amazon sellers ready to invest in lots of inventory. With 10 products a day all with a minimum margin of $15, Accelerator Plus customers receive 300 products a month for $97 per month.

All products displayed to customers on both plans are in the top 20% of bestselling products in their categories so customers can be confident their products will sell.

There is also a 7 day free trial for new US users.