eBay Seller Mentorship Program Pilot

eBay are asking US sellers what it would take to persuade them to become mentors for new sellers. They have said “We are piloting a free eBay Mentorship Program that matches new sellers to more experienced sellers that helps them through the selling process. This is a 1:1 relationship that will help new sellers ask questions, get tips and tricks for selling on the site“.

They went on to ask on the US seller forum “Are you interested in becoming a mentor in this program?” and if weekend or weekdays would be better along with AM, PM or Evenings.

Of course we know that there are already many experienced sellers who are happy to mentor new sellers but they generally want paying for their guidance. Rightly so, they’ve already been through the pain of learning eBay and if they’re going to help you grow your business it’s fair that they’re recompensed for their trouble.

The immediate responses from US sellers was to ask what was in it for them, for example would they be financially compensated, would they get priority access to eBay support and of course to wonder why eBay want them to do their job for them.

One interesting suggestion was for eBay mentors to receive a proportion of their mentee’s eBay fees – the more successful they become the more the mentor would earn.

eduSpeceBay did of course once have a program where experienced sellers assisted new sellers, it was called the eBay Education Specialist. This program shut down five years ago. This sounds similar, although we have no idea of how eBay would assess mentors and ensure that not only do they know the ins and outs of eBay policies but are also expert sellers.

eBay sellers do of course have a rich history as a community and, whilst many new sellers don’t even realise they exist, eBay forums have long been a place where new sellers could learn from experienced sellers.

Would you mentor a new seller and what would you want to get out of it?