eBay explains how it considers Christmas selling

In a post on Mashable, eBay explains how it looks at the seasonal selling rush in the run up to Christmas. Do you agree?

As they say in the article: “We at eBay see four distinct phases during the newly defined holiday season, each of which requires a unique strategy for maximizing sales:

Pre-Holiday Inspiration and Discovery: November 2-15 – Consumers are browsing and getting ideas for gifts but are more focused on holiday decorations and holiday party fashion.

Peak Phase: November 16-December 17 – Consumers are more deal-conscious, interested in starting to lock down the presents on their shopping list, and are more flexible with shipping.

Last Chance Phase: December 18-24 – Consumers want instant gratification, more immediate delivery and are willing to pay a little bit more to ensure their gifts arrive before the holidays.

Post-Holiday Phase: December 25-January 10 – Consumers are thinking about returns/exchanges, looking for deals and after-season sales, setting New Year’s resolutions and looking for quick ways to make extra cash to help pay those holiday-fueled credit card bills.”