Christmas 2015: the final gallop. How’s it going?

If all is going well for ecommerce businesses up and down the country this morning, few of you will be reading this on Monday morning.

If all is going well, you should be busily picking and packing and parcelling up a flurry of festive orders that came in over the weekend.

In many ways the weekend just past is likely to be the last bumper weekend before Christmas. Hopefully this week will be bountiful too with plenty of orders but come next weekend, we’d expect that sales will tail off a little as guaranteed delivery becomes harder to promise. The last Royal Mail promised delivery date is if you get it in the system First Class on Monday the 21st.

Of course, it seems likely that we’ll have some readers up north who will have been detrimentally affected by the weather and floods up in Cumbria and elsewhere. With the extreme weather having persisted over the course of a week, that will have caused some major headaches for some sellers.

And now it looks like we have snow forecast on the lowlands and not just the higher ground in some parts of the country, so we may see more problems there.

But hopefully most of us can look on the bright side? Tell us how this Christmas has shaped up to your expectations.