Amazon tells buyers to bin Hoverboards

Hoverboard 2They’re the latest craze: Hoverboards. Little vehicles with two wheels that you stand on to whizz about. You’ve probably seen them. Most annoyingly, they are nothing like the devices in the Back to the Future films, not least because they don’t hover.

Amazon has instructed buyers of the items to dispose of them because there are concerns that their batteries and electrical components (especially the plugs and chargers) represent a safety and fire risk. Trading Standards are on the record saying they have seized 88% of the Hoverboards they have examined since October and London Fire Brigade note that at least 3 house fires have been caused by them.

According to reports we’ve received from sellers, Amazon started taking down listings of the so-called Hoverboards last week.

But in the past few days Amazon have been contacting buyers advising them to dispose of the items “as soon as possible.” Amazon have also said: “We regret the inconvenience this may cause you but trust you will understand that your safety and satisfaction is our highest priority.” Buyers have also been informed that they will get a full refund in the next few days.

What isn’t clear is where this leaves third party sellers of Hoverboards. Obviously they will be liable for the refunds and yet Amazon have instructed disposal of the goods. If you’ve been affected, do lets us know what arrangements Amazon is making.