will not require tracking from UK sellers

A few weeks ago we published new from that they would require sellers to send 95% of their shipments with tracking from February 2016.

We’ve had some good news come via Royal Mail who say that they have have spoken and confirmed with Amazon that this does not apply to UK sellers sending items within the UK or Internationally.

It only applies to Amazon marketplace sellers in the US, the changes do not apply to UK-based Amazon sellers that are listed on US site or selling items to buyers in the US. Senders can continue to use Royal Mail International Untracked services to send items to Amazon buyers in the US.

Amazon will apparently be sending a further message to their sellers in due course to advise them of this and to remove any concern.

Good news all round, although if you are looking for low cost tracked shipments to the US, the initial news did surface the availability of services such as etail-USA which does look a superb offering.