Amazon: Christmas hasn’t happened in Spain yet

A seller has tipped us off about a clever little piece of marketing from Amazon that he received today that is a useful reminder that different traditions around the world offer commercial opportunities.

And today’s case in point is Amazon urging sellers to get started selling on because they don’t do their gift giving until Epiphany on the 6th January.

As Amazon says in the email: :Did you know that in Spain the Christmas presents are not usually brought by Santa on Boxing Day, but by the Three Kings on January 6? That’s why the biggest part of the Christmas shopping is still to come on the Iberian Peninsula.

Launch on today and be part of the sales for “Reyes Magos” as the Three Kings are called in Spanish. Best of all, there are no additional subscription fees. All you need to do is create listings on our Spanish-language marketplace and the Build International Listings tool helps you do that easily.”

I’m not sure that offers a dramatically huge marketplace for Amazon sellers to trade into but any and all incremental sales are welcome if they are easily managed. have you had any success dealing on Amazon Spain?