Watchdog: Amazon close accounts for too many returns

Amazon apparently won’t let their customers take the mickey and return too many items, according to Watchdog. If you do it’s likely that your account will be closed.

Watchdog had a few buyers lined up and rightly pointed out that under the distance selling regulations buyers do always have certain rights to return products. However if a buyers starts to return too many than it’s possible they could lose their account. Understandably Watchdog made no mention of what sort of condition the items were returned in, although their first buyer did say that they a number of faulty DVDs and had to request returns for each one.

Of course we’re not accusing the innocent buyer mentioned in this film of fraud (unlikely he’d go on the telly if he was ripping Amazon off), but DVDs are limited under your legal right of return once opened and whilst this case might be genuine it does of course prompt you to think of the real dodgy buyers who happily buy new goods and send back old broken goods for refunds.

Amazon have said “Our goal is to deliver the best experience for the millions of customers who shop with us. In a tiny fraction of cases, we are forced to close accounts where we identify extreme account abuse. This decision is only taken after we have reviewed the account carefully and tried to work with the customer over an extended time period to resolve any issues.”

What do you think? Are Amazon justified in closing accounts of buyers who return too many items, or as it’s your right when buying on the Internet should you be able to returns as many things as you like and still expect the seller to carry on shipping more out for you to try and return?