Volo Black Friday weekend hardware glitch

Volo with taglineIf you’re a Volo customer you may be having trouble connecting to their servers due to a a new temporary IP address.

Volo emailed their customers this morning saying “Due to a hardware issue yesterday, the clientdata.esellerpro.com server has a new temporary IP address“. (eSellerPro is of course the old name for Volo and still used for their software).

Volo went on to say “If you are connecting to clientdata.esellerpro.com and you had the preivous IP address whitelisted, you will need to update your whitelisting to include the new IP address. This will enable your feeds/exports/ftp to continue working as normal“.

If you don’t use IP whitelisting, then you won’t need to do anything. This is of course the worst weekend of the year for things to go wrong, but it’s likely most sellers won’t have been affected. However if you’ve been unable to update your Volo feeds over the weekend this would be the reason why…

Edited to add: Volo have shared more information here