Tamebay Black Friday visit to myHermes

With Black Friday just hours away, we though it would be interesting to take a look at how couriers are gearing up to handle the increased traffic levels.

myHermes were kind enough to invite us up to their Warrington depot, which earlier this year had a second tier of conveyor belts added to increase their capacity. They can now handle up to 1,000,000 parcels per day.

As always seeing inside an operation like this is fascinating, and whilst the video gives a flavour of the business, in real life it’s immense. Trucks arrive one side of the building, parcels progress through the system, largely without human intervention with the exception of the loading and unloading and that in itself is a mammoth undertaking – it can take an entire shift just to unload a single trailer load of parcels!

Many thanks to myHermes for inviting us behind the scenes to see their operation: