Royal Mail Click & Drop label sizes change tonight

Royal Mail are introducing their new 2D barcodes to Click & Drop labels today, Tuesday the 10th of November.

From some point this evening the new labels will be available and the option to print on A5 or A6 sized labels will be removed.

All letter labels printed from Click & Drop will now be produced as 3.5 x 5 inch landscape labels.

All large letter and parcel labels will be printed as 5 x 3.5 inch portrait labels.

If you are planning to print labels we’d recommend that you print them ahead of time, or delay to print them the following morning. Whilst we’re sure Royal Mail will reduce downtime to a minimum, inevitably the changes will occur just as someone tries to print!

When printing labels for tracked services, the tracking number will appear on the label. When you drop them off at the Post Office, your parcels will be scanned to start the tracking process.

While Royal Mail haven’t specifically said is that all large letters and parcels with the 2D barcode will be tracked, even if in the past you’d have paid extra for tracking. The introduction of 2D Labels should obviate the need to pay for Royal Mail Signed in the future, if your item is relatively low value.

Once Royal Mail start publishing tracking for 2D barcodes in the Spring of 2016, you’ll get an acceptance scan and a delivery scan, either of which will be sufficient for eBay On-Time delivery metrics.