PayPal: The Grinch spoils Christmas

PayPal’s Christmas message this year is that you can “check out before they know it” when you pay with PayPal.

There are a series of ads, both online and on TV, one of which aired during X Factor and appears to have riled up Daily Mail readers having dispelled the myth that it’s Santa who delivers the Christmas presents.

Dave Gorman style, the Daily Mail love it when the underbelly of the Internet starts to rumble and have spared no punches highlighting the fact that PayPal is the Grinch and readers are complaining about the advert to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Quite what the ASA will adjudicate I have no idea, but it’ll be hard for them to judge that PayPal should lie and say that a fat bearded man will be shimmying down your chimney to deliver your presents (especially for those in new builds that don’t have chimneys).

The Daily Mail claim that the clip “has also been shared countless times online”. It’s not countless, I counted and at the time of writing it had received just 104 views.

Edited to add: Click here for an update on this story from PayPal