eBay’s Christmas Elf Social Media Campaign

eBay Elves Banner
For those struggling to find the ideal Christmas present, eBay have unleashed the #eBayElves to help out.

I’ve never been a great fan of eBay Collections, but this really showcases them to great effect. eBay have appointed four elves each who are showcasing their own eBay Christmas Elf collection along with twitter profiles on which they’re answering live questions from 9am to 6pm.

eBay say that “They’re the experts in all things Christmas, each with their own area of expertise, on hand to give you the greatest gift ideas customised for your needs!

It’s a pretty class combination of eBay Collections, social media, gift buying experts with a bit of Christmas magic and fun thrown in. If it drives consumers to buy on eBay this Christmas then everyone’s a winner.


eBay_UK_AliceAlice is a full-time mum, permanently chic and brimming with festive gift ideas for children and the family.

Alice’s collection is full of stylish gifts and her twitter feed is full of ideas for dressing up your house for the Christmas season along with recipes to get your Christmas party off with a swing.


eBay_UK_SteveSteve is the loveable Essex lad who can’t take life too seriously so look out for his funny and original gift ideas. If you’re looking for a Christmas jumper he’s got that covered in his eBay Collection. Steve is tweeting the naughty side of Christmas with “loving” naughty pig salt and pepper pots and all sorts of gifts you won’t have seen before and would never have thought of buying.


eBay_UK_GregOften your dad is the hardest person to buy for, but don’t worry that’s the speciality of eBay Elf Greg. He knows you want to give them more than a new pair of socks so his collection has some of the best gifts to inspire excitement and joy for fathers this festive period. Greg was a young trekkie fan so can’t resist a bit of sci-fi on his twitter feed, but throws some fun gifts in for good measure.


eBay_UK_CarrieI’ve saved the best for last, Carrie is a woman everyone needs in their lives. She’s the epitome of class and purveyor of all things nice; she’s the real life “Lizzie” from Ben Elton’s Meltdown novel. As you’d expect Carrie’s eBay Elf Collection has everything you need to make your gift wrapping sublime. If it’s sparkly and trendy but not trashy then Carrie’s twitter feed has it covered.