eBay is currently experiencing site problems

We’ve received several reports from eBay users that they’re having bother using the eBay site. It looks like a fairly widespread problem and seems to be affecting different aspects of the eBay website. What are you seeing?

Plenty of people are reporting the problem via Downdetector.

Downdetector ebay

One seller has been in contact saying that buyers can’t pay, another says that they cannot access My eBay and others are reporting a 70245 error.

This comes on top of site problems that eBay experienced the weekend before last that we reported on Tamebay.

Are you experiencing similar problems?

The last thing that any ecommerce seller needs at this peak time of year is a marketplace having significant difficulties. More than that. If eBay can’t cope on nothing Wednesday. How will it cope on Friday and Monday which are prefixed Black and Cyber respectively and are just days away?