eBay get fat fingers & miss the “r” out of Shirts

Tshirts spelt wrongWe’ve all done it, typed out item description, a title, a category and then clicked the publish button and forgotten to spell check. Today it’s the turn of eBay who are inadvertently selling T shaped Shits in their Christmas shop.

We know it’s an easy mistake to make, but we also know that our readers will enjoy a little chuckle on the busiest week of the year in the run up to Black Friday… However be warned, if you make a similar misspelling on a listing, then eBay’s Best Match will dump your listing into oblivion. I know, it’s happened to me in the past!

So log on to eBay and buy your T-Shits today.

Many thanks to Tamebay reader Simon for spotting this, although he has undoubtedly got us into eBay’s bad books by publishing!