eBay delivery estimates mean your Poppy will be late

PoppyKen has been an eBay seller for many years and had his fair share of issues with selling on the platform. He’s had eBay remove his Robinsons Jam metal signs because of the gollywog, they took down his Confederate pin badges that he sold to line dancers, they have taken off his Palestinian pin badges and this year removed his Irish Republican pin badges. He sticks with it though and carries on taking the knocks on the chin.

This year Ken’s been selling Poppy lapel pin badges. We all put our donation into the collection tin and receive our paper and plastic poppy, but some people also want something a little more substantial to go with their Sunday Best for Remembrance Day, which this year falls on Wednesday 11th November, and there are plenty of options to buy on eBay. Ken’s had a cracking weekend of sales which shows the demand.

Here however is the problem, For buyers that purchased on Friday morning of last week eBay gave an estimated delivery day of Wednesday (2nd class post) fair enough and all of Saturday was the same even though there are no Royal Mail collections after 12 noon (Not forgetting that most sellers do not post on a Saturday in the first place).

eBay also gave them buyers an estimated delivery day of Wednesday (2nd class post) all day on Sunday. Now we know that Royal Mail say that “2nd Class mail will deliver your letters and parcels in two or three working days” so anything posted today (Monday) should arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. eBay take the most optimistic estimate of two day delivery, but even then my post doesn’t arrive until around 1 or 2pm these days so that’s a bit late for the 11am minutes silence.

Ken tells me that over the week-end he sold 150+ poppy pins that buyers want/expect to have for Wednesday and here’s the problem – eBay will now be asking those buyers ‘was the item delivered on time’ and the answer will possible be “No”.

Ken says that “In my opinion eBay should keep their nose out of delivery times as they nor I can control it but of course it is my fault when an item is not delivered promptly even though I post every single day without fail with the vast majority of my items being low cost large letter packages with no tracking info“.

Of course there are things Ken could have done, such as changing postage options to force buyers to choose 1st Class postage or removing the Pins from sale over the weekend. The reality is however that eBay, in his opinion, have a very optimistic view of delivery dates and that’s what’s stitched him up. Do you agree, or are eBay’s delivery estimates a reasonable reflection of Royal Mail’s performance?