eBay comment on Wednesday’s site issues

There were numerous site issues on eBay on Wednesday. We asked ebay for a comment and we publish it here verbatim:

“Today, many eBay customers experienced a disruption in their ability to transact. That problem, which lasted just under three hours, has now been corrected. The majority of functionality was restored at 5pm and the issue was fully resolved at 5:45pm. The disruption occurred as a result of a public internet domain change that had an unanticipated impact on processing inside the eBay platform. We regret the fact that this occurrence created a business interruption for some of our sellers and buyers. We will be providing standard protections for our sellers, and we’ll be providing further details shortly.”

We wrote about Wednesday’s problems here and your comments made for grim reading and they come after other issues on the 14th.

I rather feel like a stuck record when I comment on these difficulties that eBay experiences in that a) they seem to happen periodically b) it’s a bad state of affairs in 2015 to have such problems and c) it’s just not clear what efforts eBay is making to improve the stability of the site.

But suffice to say it’s not good news to have a slew of site problems for several hours in what is one of the most important selling weeks of the year.

We’ll report on what further details eBay provides us with regarding the recompense hinted at in their statement when we get the details.