eBay Advertising exec wins Rising Star award

Jean-Baptiste GouxJean-Baptiste Goux of eBay Advertising has just won the “Rising Star of the Year” at the IPA online Media Owner Awards 2015.

eBay Advertising isn’t something most eBay merchants think about, other than the occasional annoyance at seeing adverts across the site, but seeing as they’re there, we thought Jean-Baptiste’s success was a good time to take a closer look at what eBay Advertising do.

eBay Advertising featJean-Baptiste grew eBay’s programmatic advertising offering from conception to a business which attracts 500+ premium brands and accounts for 70% of campaigns booked on eBay. Programmatic advertising functions with real-time-bidding by advertisers to get their offers in front of eBay users, combined with eBay’s sophisticated audience and category targeting capabilities.

As an experiment lead by Jean-Baptiste, in February this year eBay ran a 100% programmatic advertising week across the eBay UK site.

eBay offer a unique audience for advertisers which can be heavily targeted based on who the user is, where they live, what their interests are and this can be combined with an advertisers own data (anonymously by eBay), so that for instance Sky could target adverts to non-customers with a sign up offer but a different set of adverts to encourage existing users to upgrade their Sky subscriptions.

Unlike advertising on the web, eBay is a registration site, users have to be divulge their address to receive goods so demographic and geo data is high quality and this combined with eBay’s knowledge of what products users have purchased, what brands they love and how much they spend (although why eBay themselves keep plugging iPhone products to me when they must know I’m an Android user is a mystery).

eBay Advertising New MumseBay’s “Targeting Shopper Audiences – New Mums” pdf makes for interesting reading. It tells advertisers how with their New Mums (or New Dads) targeting, eBay has analysed millions of data points over several years and created correlations between buying and browsing behaviours to pinpoint the specific purchases a consumer is primed for and what stage of motherhood they are at.

Whoever your customers are, eBay say that can help you reach them because they understand shoppers better than anyone else. Whilst for most online retailers selling on eBay is the best way forward, if you’re a brand heavily using the likes of Google Paid Search you might want to take a closer look at eBay Advertising and see if it would work for you.