ChannelAdvisor’s 4 reasons to trade on

On Tamebay we’re always keen to share reasons to branch out, sell more and make more money. So we liked this advice from respected multi-channel commerce enabler talking about Rakuten.

Many sellers have been critical of the transition from to In particular, many have noted that they traded successfully on the former but haven’t been invited to make the latter a success by adding hei considerable inventory.

So it’s great to share ChannelAdvisor’s recent insights from a blog post. You can read it in full here. But here’s the jam:

“1. Rakuten was the first marketplace to offer sellers the option of customisable shopfronts, a great opportunity to get brand exposure. Sellers can customise their storefronts as much as they like, adding images and video and editing pages in HTML.

2. Sellers can send newsletters directly to customers and create their own exclusive offers that they can then promote using their own email database (and delivered via Rakuten’s system).

3. There are no listing fees on Rakuten. There’s simply a subscription fee that varies according to the plan selected (Starter, Advanced or Mega Monthly) and a sales commission that ranges from 5% to 15%, according to the plan and product category.

4. Rakuten is keen to see sellers succeed, so there’s plenty of places to get help and advice. There’s a global knowledge-share network, the Rakuten Academy, which offers information via self-help guides and videos with topics such as setting up a store, presenting products and selling more effectively on the platform. Free, personal advice is also available from the site’s E-Commerce Consultants.”