Alibaba Singles Day sales exceed $12 billion

Alibaba are having stonkingly good sales today, 11/11 which with all the ones is known as “Singles Day” in China.

In the hours leading up to the official midnight start of the Alibaba Group 2015 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, almost 130 million users visited the Mobile Taobao app, exceeding the peak volume during Singles Day 2014. In just eight minutes they’d sold a billion dollars worth of merchandise and by the 90 minutes mark sales had reached over $5 billion.

14 hours in and Alibaba have racked over $10 billion dollars of sales having already exceeding the 2014 milestone of 10 minues before the 12 hour mark. At 2:00 p.m. China Time, the total number of mobile buyers was more than 70 million and Cainiao Logistics, the logistics affiliate of Alibaba Group, had received 310 million delivery orders, exceeding the 278 million orders generated last year.

At the time of writing the latest update is that they’ve surpassed the $12 billion dollar mark and sales are showing no signs of slowing.

Edited to add: The total is now up to $14.3 billion!

To celebrate Singles Day, Frank Underwood from Netflix’s House of Cards (Kevin Spacey) had a special message to wish everyone a Happy Singles Day: