What should newbie eBay sellers know?

What do you wish you’d known when you started out as an eBay seller?

I’m currently putting together a list of those clever tweaks and tips and secrets that would be vital to the newbie eBay seller. I’m writing it for starters on ecommerce with an eBay focus. Can you help? I’ll be wrapping it all up as an ebook in the next few week.

What did you wish you’d known, way back when, as you set out upon your own eBay selling journey? What would you advise a newbie seller to do? What’s the inside scoop about postage and despatch and fulfilment? How do you operate day-to-day?

I’d really like to hear your ideas so I can include them. I’m asking the experts.

And, of course, your smart and snide answers may amuse you and I don’t begrudge your fun. But I’m not that interested in them (*shakes fist* eBay are bleeding rotters! etc.) Let’s focus on those genuinely useful nuggets: sparkling ideas and thoughts of genuine use are what I’d like to hear.

I’ll be seriously grateful for all those clever and cunning ideas you have. Looking forward to your comments and insights. Go for it.